A Message from the Pastor

It is our sincere desire that every member and guest receive "LOVE, RESPECT, AN UPLIFTING SPIRITUAL WORSHIP EXPERIENCE, AND A SPIRITUAL PULL TO COME BACK!" Beloved, a Christ-filled life is made available to all who accept Christ into their lives and hearts. It is our Savior's intention that believers experience true hope, peace, love, and joy despite their circumstances. My brothers and sisters, the believer has the comfort of knowing God is always with them!

Beloved, we invite you to worship with us anytime our doors are open. We pray that your time with us will bring you closer to God and closer to the purpose He has destined for you!

At Royal Baptist Church, we believe that God's mandate to spread the gospel, to care for the sick, poor, needy, imprisoned, and spiritually lost, are our greatest privileges and responsibilities. We at Royal, are therefore committed to fulfilling our purpose through love, worship, fellowship, ministry, outreach, and Christian education. Our goal is to evangelize the unsaved, encourage spiritual maturity, and make every member fulfill the "Great Commission" in the Gospel according to Matthew!

With Love,
Rev. (Lt.) Emanuel R. Flemming, Sr.
Senior Pastor, Royal Baptist Church in Anderson, SC